Friday, December 7, 2012

Futsal in Massachusetts

If you live in the state of Massachusetts and want to play Futsal, I recommend checking out

The league has about 250 teams.  There are great Futsal players with some of the best Futsal coaches in the US.  The league uses about forty of the best Futsal referees.  The level of competition is great.  Every Saturday and Sunday during winter time there are at least 100 games per day.

Visit the website and you will be able to look at the schedule.  If you have the time go and watch a game. After watching a game you would want to jump in and play yourself.  The sport is one of the best sports that I have ever played/watched.

Try it!     

Futsal Refereeing

Refereeing this game is very harder than what it looks like.  The majority of  Scocer referees think that refereeing Futsal is very easy.

Since the game is played on a smaller court ( compared to Soccer ) the game becomes a lot faster.  There will be a lot of contacts between player and referees must make decisions way faster that they do it in Sooccer.  As a matter of fact I strongly believe that refereeing Fusal will make you a better Soccer referee.

The game is officiated with two referees on the pitch ( Referee 1 & Referee 2)  and two referees out side the pitch ( Assistant referee & Time keeper).  The referees must 'Bracket' play and in needs a lot of running and eye contact between Referee 1 and Referee 2.

Every restart must happen in four second ( exceptions in PK and Kick off) therefore the referee must always be on his/her feet and ready.

I strongly suggest that soccer referees, officiate Futsal in winter time ( when the outdoor season is on a break).  It will make them better referees.