Thursday, November 14, 2013

US Youth Futsal hosts first-ever coaching course - Press Release

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US Youth Futsal hosts first-ever coaching course

Overland Park, Kan. (Nov. 5, 2013) – US Youth Futsal hosted the nation's first-ever Futsal coaching course in Mansfield, Mass. from Oct. 17-18. FIFA Instructors Keith Tozer and Constantine Konstin led 22 coaches representing 12 states and Bermuda through the two-day event, complete with classroom and court sessions.
“This was a historic event,” noted US Youth Futsal Executive Director Jon Parry. “It's not often in any country you can attend a course led by the national team coach.”
Tozer, who is both head coach of the US Men's National Futsal Team and US Youth Futsal's technical director, was ecstatic about the inaugural Futsal course.
“I was excited about conducting the first US Youth Futsal coaching course, but even more excited after the conclusion because of the quality of the coaches,” Tozer said. “There is a very bright Futsal future ahead in the United States.”
Attendance at the course was limited to US Youth Futsal regional directors and league administrators, with a couple special invitees. One of those guests, Peter Rickards of Bermuda's Footy Force, was especially impressed with the many activities and concepts learned in the course.
“Keith Tozer has such a wealth of knowledge on the sport and being able to learn alongside coaches with a passion for this developing game was the best part of this course for me,” attested Rickards. “To be educated by Coach Tozer was an invaluable experience.”
Attendee Craig Canavan from New York added, “This is just the beginning of something big as Futsal is moving in the right direction at a pretty fast pace. It was great to spend time and share ideas with other coaches that are teaching youth the game of Futsal. Coach Tozer and staff did a great job!”
The course immediately preceded the 2013 East Region FUTSAL I.D. camp, at which several of the course attendees served as staff coaches. Parry indicated that future US Youth Futsal coaching courses will be held immediately preceding FUTSAL I.D. camps, starting with the South Region in Dallas in March 2014.
“It is an introductory course but the impact should be widespread.” Parry said. “Coaches can take back what they learn and develop teams the right way, teaching their players the nuances of the game.”
The inaugural course participants included Rafael Amaya (Colo.), Tom Bellen (N.H.), Andre Berenzon (S.C.), James Boden (Mass.), Craig Canavan (N.Y.), Jay Eidson (Mass.), Soorena Farboodmanesh (Mass.), Jeff Lamy (Mass.), Max Latona (N.H.), Jason Miller (Mass.), John Montanaro (Mass.), Otto Orf (Ohio), Jon Parry (Kan.), George Pope (N.H.), Peter Rickards (Bermuda), Paul Roderique (S.C.), Khano Smith (Mass.), Ty Stauffer (Ky.), Kyle Teixeira (R.I.), Andy Tucker (Mass.), Guillermo Uribe (N.C.) and Bruno Victal (N.H.).
Futsal is the official indoor sport sanctioned by FIFA and is recognized throughout the world for promoting exceptional skill development and decision-making. It is played on a hard surface with boundary lines and a low-bounce ball and is now the fastest-growing indoor sport in the United States and in the world.
US Youth Futsal oversees leagues and programs in 59 markets in more than 27 states. Along with its affiliates it influenced a 70 percent growth over the previous year. It also hosts the US Youth Futsal National Championships.
US Youth Futsal –
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Monday, October 7, 2013

BOSTON FUTSAL ID CAMP Oct 18-20 of 2013

FUTSAL I.D. is the nation’s first-ever Futsal player identification program, designed to identify and develop elite players in the most challenging and competitive environment possible.

The program includes five regional FUTSAL I.D. camps and the US Youth Futsal Festival, from which youth national teams will be selected. Long-term, it will also serve as a pipeline for the US National Futsal Teams. 

Camps will be led by Keith Tozer and the US Youth Futsal Coaching Staff.

Keith Tozer
  • US Youth Futsal Technical Director
  • US Men’s National Futsal Team Head Coach
  • FIFA Futsal Instructor
Player Eligibility

  • Boys and girls
  • Birth years 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
  • Players who reside in the East Region

Oct. 18th to 20th, 2013
  • Camp includes one session Friday evening, three sessions on Saturday and a morning session on Sunday.
  • Specific schedule to be posted a week prior to the event and also emailed to all participants.  

Sunday, June 2, 2013

USA national team practice sessions in preparation for the England tournament

US national team is getting ready in Milwaukee for the Futsal tournament in England which will be in a week

Tactical sessions are my favorite sessions when it comes to adult FUTSAL teams

It's always great being at a session that Keith Tozer ( Men's national team head coach ).  His practice sessions are full of new and fun set plays and of course player movements with and without the ball

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Futsal is a team sport that one player in the team can make a huge difference in the outcome of the game.
 According to the Brazilian players in order to be that one player you must know Ginga.  Something that Falcao is a master in.

There is a mysterious Brazilian essence  to the game which is called Ginga, its hard to define it.  Its in the way the body moves, its like a dance.  By knowing Ginga you will be able to dribble fast and make quick moves with the ball. 

It all happens from the early ages of a player.  Touching different parts of the ball with different parts of your feett will give the player an advantage.  It’s very important that you use both feet.  You do not need necessarily a big field to practice.  Just a small area that you can move with the ball. 

Brazilian coaches believe in Ginga and usually one fourth of the practice sessions are always spent on teaching new technics and working on the other technics that were taught on previous sessions.  Whereas in Spain the coaches had very little practice sessions on technic, it was more about set plays and formations in the game.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Play to win or to have fun

As a coach this has been very difficult for me. I coach two youth teams U14 and U16 Boys.  They play in a league and recently they played in the Northeast Regional Futsal tournament.

We all try to teach the kids that we all play for fun, but is it really for fun?  When there is a trophy for the best team and when we have playoffs and semi finals and final games then how can we tell the kids to just play for fun?

At the regional tournament we played against teams from NH, NY and MA.  The games were very heated and very exciting. We lost the final game and till today ( after 30 days ) the players of the team are still upset!  Is this fun???

What is the job of the coach to teach the player go there and have fun or go there to win or….

Friday, January 18, 2013

Northeast Regional Futsal Championships

2013 Northeast Regional Futsal Championships

The 2013 Northeast Regional Championships will take place January 19-21 at MGA Sports in Norwood, Mass. ( 675 Canton st)

116 teams from five states have signed up.  I consider this a great success for MA Futsal Association.  The amount of teams that are registered is more than the amount of teams registered last year in the National tournament.

I strongly recommend you to come down and watch great level of Futsal playing.  The FIFA Futsal Referee instructor, the FIFA Futsal referee and the former FIFA Futsal referee will be officiating the games along with forty referees from the states of MA, NH, NJ.

This will be the largest Northeast Regional Futsal event.  Teams are from MA, NY, NJ, NH and RI from U9 all the way to Adults.

MGA has five Futsal courts and all the games are happening under one roof.  Hope to see you there.

You can learn more about the tournament at