Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What do you think about the final game of the Futsal World Cup 2012

I watched the whole game between Brazil and Spain and frankly it was not an exciting game.  Its a known fact that the teams who are in the final game usually are under so much stress that they don't play the way they used to play.  Players and coaches are under a lot of pressure and that will not allow them to make the correct decisions. The fear of losing the final game takes over and it will change the whole game.

I personally thought Brazil was completely out of it at the first half.  They way the team was defending was very different. Brazil usually starts the press from the other half of the pitch and takes all the passing options from the other team. 

I was shocked when I didn't see Falcao play at the first half and had a really hard time figuring out what Brazil wanted to do.


  1. I have been too busy to watch, sadly!

  2. Just like almost every other Final match of a tournament, it was not a great Futsal match.