Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Futsal is a team sport that one player in the team can make a huge difference in the outcome of the game.
 According to the Brazilian players in order to be that one player you must know Ginga.  Something that Falcao is a master in.

There is a mysterious Brazilian essence  to the game which is called Ginga, its hard to define it.  Its in the way the body moves, its like a dance.  By knowing Ginga you will be able to dribble fast and make quick moves with the ball. 

It all happens from the early ages of a player.  Touching different parts of the ball with different parts of your feett will give the player an advantage.  It’s very important that you use both feet.  You do not need necessarily a big field to practice.  Just a small area that you can move with the ball. 

Brazilian coaches believe in Ginga and usually one fourth of the practice sessions are always spent on teaching new technics and working on the other technics that were taught on previous sessions.  Whereas in Spain the coaches had very little practice sessions on technic, it was more about set plays and formations in the game.


  1. Ah, technic/technique, definitely my weak spot as a player and a coach.

    How do you teach it to players that aren't gifted enough to "get it" right away?

  2. Repetition. Pick two moves that you like and practice 30 minutes to an hour a day. Repetition will do it. make sure when you are repeating the moves you wear your Futsal shoes.

    A great tool is juggling. It will force you to use different parts of your feet/body in order to keep the ball in the air.

    My practice sessions with younger players has a section of 5-8 minutes of juggling. Dont let it go for more than eight minutes in the practice session, the players will easily get bored with it and will lose focus.

    Every player has a different way of learning the juggling ( at first it seems like a very hard task for the players who have not done it ). The coach needs to be constantly monitoring them. For example for the first timer players, I will tell them its ok if it hits the ground once and bounces back up.