Tuesday, May 13, 2014

United States Youth Futsal Leadership summit

United State Youth Futsal will host a Summit meeting, Thursday June 12th – Saturday June, 14 in Milwaukee WI. 

U.S. Youth Futsal is opening the meeting to non – USYF league owners and others who are contemplating opening Futsal operations in the coming year.

“USYF has become the recognized brand for Futsal events and player development.  With our reputation, support tools and visionary league owners, we decided to open the meeting to all non-USYF Futsal league owners and event organizers to share our ideas.  What better way to advance the game?” said John Sciore, National Director of Development.

The daily Summit schedule hours are

Thursday June 12th – start at 1 pm, adjourn at 5 pm

Friday June 13  – start day at 9 am, adjourn at 5 pm

Saturday June 14 start day at 9 am, end Summit at 3 pm

The anchor activity of the Summit is the U.S. Futsal Mens team preparing for the next FIFA Futsal World Cup. 

Date and times of the National team is below

U.S. Futsal Mens Team activities

Thursday 7 pm International friendly vs. France

Saturday 7 pm International friendly vs. France

Summit Agenda

State of U.S. Youth Futsal address
Where we started from, where are we now, vision for the future

Marketing, Advertising and Team Retention
How to increase the number of teams in your league’s events.  Presented will be best-practice ideas from a panel of League Owners, including an expert guest speaker on how to use Social media to make your league stand out.

Coaching Education
U.S. Futsal Mens Head Coach Keith Tozer hosts the topic.  Learn how the U.S. Youth Futsal Coaching Education program can help you and your league.

Futsal Academy
How to organize and run a futsal academy for player development.  Best-practice ideas from a panel of League Owners who operate the largest Futsal academies in the country.

One of the most significant advantages U.S. Youth Futsal has over competition is the referees who officiate our events.  Find out what U.S. Soccer, your state association and your locally assembled staff can do to differentiate your league. 

HTG Sports
Presenting tools to help you manage your administration.  Learn to use tools in the system and find out what improvements are in the works and make suggestions.

Futsal ID program updates
What is the purpose of the Futsal ID program and where is it headed?  Find out why your league should be involved in identifying players to get them to the “next level” of Futsal.

Reviewing the advantages of USSSA membership and discuss the insurance and risk-management tools available to U.S. Youth Futsal

U.S. Youth Futsal Regional / National Tournaments
The when, who, how and why your league should be sending teams

Owning your own facility
Find out what  league owners know about the advantages and challenges of owning your own facility.

Do not miss the informal benefits of socializing with passionate, like-minded futsal people after hours and in between sessions.  U.S. Youth Futsal has the 6 largest leagues in the country, all of them with over 200 teams. 

Special Guest Presenters

Keith Tozer  – Head Coach US Futsal National Team and Technical Director of USYF will discuss the Coaching Education program and the Futsal ID program

Ed Marco – FIFA Futsal Referee Instructor – USA Soccer referee instructor.  Will discuss the future of Futsal officiating.  Also discussed are practice management techniques employed by local leagues to present a superior officiating corp.

Gerry High – President of HTGSports, the official USYF provider for Futsal event registration and administrative management.

Craig Scriven – USSSA, Director of Soccer and Futsal,

Max Schroeder – Social Media specialist

United States Youth Futsal is an affiliated league of US Soccer.  With 72 leagues, 7 Regional tournaments and the largest National Futsal tournament in the country, USYF is the largest and fastest growing Futsal organization in the US.

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