Thursday, September 4, 2014

National Team Takeover: Nick Romansky

After more than 22 years of traveling on domestic and international trips as a team doctor with both the men's and women's U.S. National Soccer Teams, yet again this trip to Argentina provided me with additional life and professional experiences to take home.

LIFE is a collection of experiences. Coach Tozer has sacrificed his personal life and dedicated his 17+ years of his professional life to the futsal movement. Coach VaVa Marques and coach Mark Litton consistently teach and explain futsal to young and experienced players in the United States.

Nick Romansky, Team Doctor
The coaches have been an international liaison and represent the USA as a country and as the U.S. Futsal Men's National Team on personal and professional levels interacting with The Federation of Argentina Futbol, politicians, coaches, citizens and fans of Argentina.

For me, this exposure and experience to Argentina makes me a better treating clinician to my private patients and other amateur / professional athletes of other sports I take care of.

The "Gold Rush" of Futsal is coming of age in the USA. JOIN IT. WATCH IT GROW.

Nick Romansky is the team doctor. He is from Pennsylvania.

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