Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Men's National Team Takes Over Blog

United States
The U.S. Men's National Futsal Team left for Buenos Aires, Argentina on Saturday, where it will train and play friendlies against the hosts country.

While taking over the futsal courts of Argentina, they will also be taking over this blog! Head Coach Keith Tozer and members of the team will be sharing their experiences with you in this very space!

As our first blogger will illustrate, participants in the U.S. Youth Futsal I.D. program might start out in a local gym ... and a few months later be playing against one of the top senior national teams in the world!

We encourage you to follow @USYouthFutsal on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and to check this space regularly.


  1. amazing job pushing Futsal in the USA, I saw the game 1 partido ARG vs USA 6-0, I noticed our boys were lost and confused on the court, I liked #3/10/5 lost of heart and pride(representing usa), 24/14/18/19, very heavy on their feet,no explosion and lack of field vision/anticipation.
    Coach Tozer my hat to you sir, great great Job.

    1. I meant to say instead of lost , it suppose to read lots