Thursday, August 28, 2014

National Team Takeover: Nelson Santana

Hello! My name is Nelson Santana and I'm a fixo for the U.S. Men's National Futsal team. I play for the Syracuse Silver Knights in the MASL (Major Arena Soccer League) and I'm a defender.

Nelson Santana
Nelson Santana
Here in Argentina, we just finished training at the AFA (Asociaciรณn del Futbol Argentino) camp grounds. We are preparing to face the Argentina Men's National Futsal team. I'm really excited -- as are my teammates -- to be playing against the 5th ranked futsal team in the world (as determined by FIFA).

Our team has been working hard to get to the next level of futsal and playing against Argentina will let us know where we are. I can't wait to face them! So far Argentina has been a great host; very friendly people and eager to talk to us ... knowing some of our players don't speak the language of Spanish.

I hope this trip will make our U.S Men's National Futsal team better and sharper. Thank you for your support. Go USA!!!!!!!


Nelson Santana is from Santa Clara, Calif. and is posing above with staff members at the Holiday Inn Ezieza in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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