Friday, August 29, 2014

National Team Takeover: Pat Healey

It was team bonding day.
Healey is third row right,
shown here on the team bus.
We original had plans to do some sightseeing in Buenos Aires today, but some things are out of our control, and we had to stay in the hotel all day. For most teams, this might be a little upsetting.  Players would just sit in their rooms all day and sleep the day away, but this team has what all teams look for: CHEMISTRY.

The team started out with an early breakfast to get the right nutrition in our body to prepare for the hard four games in five days.  After breakfast, guys either got treatment with the excellent medical staff or got an hour more of sleep. After an afternoon of lunch and a gym session on your own to get the lactic acid out, the team bonding continued.  Guys hung out and played FIFA, listened to music, or played a card game called 22.

The night ended with a great dinner and a film session of yesterday's game.  The 2-0 defeat showed improvement, but we want more out of the trip.  We want to get a win.  The film showed places where we can improve and learn ... and that is what this trip is about.  
I can't wait for tomorrow. It is another day to get better as an individual, as a group, and present our country.
Pat Healey is the captain of the U.S. Men's National Futsal Team. He is a fixo from Bel Air, Maryland.

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